Top Franchise Opportunities

Everybody isn’t cut out to be an entrepreneur and every “top franchise opportunity” isn’t for every budding business owner. But for certain people some opportunities are simply better than others. Experts have consistently noted that Link Staffing is just such an opportunity.

Link Staffing has been called “One of the Best Franchises to Own”

Authorities such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Staffing Industry Analysts and G.I Jobs Magazine have all called out Link Staffing’s advantages as a top franchise opportunity to their readers. Why is LINK one of the best franchises to own? 

A top franchise opportunity begins with training

Buying a franchise won’t buy you success. To be really successful, you will need to know how to operate and grow that franchise business from the first day of ownership. That’s why LINK gives franchisees access to our own comprehensive sales and operations training programs. Those programs typify a commitment to operational excellence that continues throughout your Link Staffing franchise’s lifetime.

You get the best systems, programs and technology specific to the staffing industry

LINK has been evolving the technology and systems necessary to operate a top-flight staffing business for over 30 years. It’s a set of tools invaluable to any staffing business, which makes a LINK franchise not only one of the best franchises to own, but THE best staffing franchise to own.

  • You will have access to state-of-the-art progressive technology systems that will keep you connected.
  • You will benefit from an extensive risk management and safety program.
  • You will have the most comprehensive screening process in the industry, featuring  proprietary tools.
  • You will support your business with our innovative recruiting and retention strategies.

Meet our people. Immerse yourself in our culture. The better you know LINK, the more you’ll recognize us as one of the best franchises to own.