Franchise Investment Cost

The cost to buy a staffing company franchise from LINK is not as high as you might think. The average investment range is $99,500 to $174,000, encompassing the franchise fee, the recommended liquid capital, and the amount needed to set up your LINK Staffing office. The franchise investment cost should be enough for you to set up a high-functioning office in the region you choose.

Franchise Fee

The first part of the franchise investment cost, the franchise fee, is $25,000 (for non-veterans) and is due upon signing of the franchise agreement. This fee not only buys you sole rights to use the LINK Staffing Services brand within your designated area, it also purchases the proprietary tools you’ll need to get the office up and running quickly, including: 

  • Initial operations and sales training
  • Indoor signage
  • Operating manuals
  • Initial stock of risk and drug screen supplies
  • Initial stock of forms and marketing materials
  • Pre-opening market research and marketing campaign
  • Field support for opening

Veterans Franchise Fee Reduction

LINK has long welcomed veterans into our franchisee family. In fact, a notable portion of our franchises are owned by military veterans and we'd love grow that portion substantially! That’s why LINK offers veterans significant savings off the normal franchise investment cost. If you’re a veteran looking for a great opportunity in the U.S., LINK will reduce the franchise fee by $10,000 — from $25,000 to $15,000. At that rate, the cost to buy a staffing company franchise can look even more attractive.

 Liquid Capital

Added to the cost to buy a staffing company franchise is the need for available capital with which to set up and furnish your office and to cover expenses during the initial start-up phase.  In addition to the franchise cost, immediate access to between $65,000 – $140,000 is recommended during the start-up phase of your business for these types of expenses.

 Office Set Up

You will be responsible for setting up your own LINK office, of course. The amount needed will vary, but includes such items as your lease, signage, and equipment. The LINK Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) will detail all these items and the LINK Franchising team will help you set up your office at a reasonable cost.

The LINK Franchise Cost Stacks Up Well

Talking about an “average” cost to open a franchise is a little silly, since costs to open a lodging or full-service restaurant franchise can go well beyond $1,000,000. But our purpose at LINK is to make our franchises available to qualified franchisees at a reasonable cost. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more and to obtain a copy of the LINK FDD.