Franchise Support & Training

Until you’ve owned a franchise—any franchise—it’s difficult to fully appreciate the level of franchise support and training you’ll need to succeed. It’s not enough to be handed a manual and given a few days of training. Even if you have an aptitude for business, or a good working knowledge of the staffing business, you’ll need hands-on training and on-going attention to put your knowledge to work as a LINK franchisee in the real world.

Training to be a LINK franchisee

The goal of LINK’s franchise training is to help you grow your business: to help you build relationships, recruit effectively, sell powerfully and manage your office efficiently. That’s what it takes to fulfill the LINK mission, which is to become the most trusted source for staffing in your market.

To that end, the training we offer is not a one-size-fits-all program. Each franchisee is assigned a dedicated support representative to help put your sales, recruiting and professional development training into practical application. The level and type of franchise training you receive will depend on your particular skills and capabilities. If you have no staffing experience, you can expect extra training in that aspect. If you have worked in the staffing industry, but have no business management experience, your support representative will make sure you have the tools to develop the skills you need.

Not everyone can become a successful entrepreneur—even with LINK’s franchise training. But those who are accepted as franchisees can trust they will receive the training they need to follow “The LINK Way,” which has proven to be a path to success in the staffing field.

Franchise Support:
You’re in business for yourself, not by yourself 

Even after you’ve opened your LINK office, the LINK Franchise Support Team is there to support your effort, ready to address your questions and concerns at any time. 

But there’s more to LINK franchise support than that. LINK’s operating system boasts dedicated risk management, marketing, and back-office support teams. You get the systems you need to operate and the marketing materials and plans you need to sell, as well as the personal attention you need to put it all to optimum use. 

Once you’re up and running, you’ll find you have the franchise support and tools you need to run a successful LINK franchise, allowing you to maintain your focus on what is important—building business relationships and growing your franchise business.