The Link Staffing Brand 

Great brands aren’t created in a day. It takes a number of years and a great deal of diligence to establish a trusted brand. The cumulative market impact of a franchisor’s branding, advertising and positive client experiences is much of what makes purchasing a franchise an attractive proposition. Indeed, It has taken us over 30 years to establish LINK as a leading staffing franchise brand. That 30-year investment on our part makes LINK a potentially great investment on your part. Because it’s the Link Staffing brand - along with our proven systems - that drives client acceptance of your business from the moment you open your doors. 

LINK is a leading staffing franchise brand because...

The Link Staffing brand embodies the characteristics clients look for in a staffing firm: 

  • Trustworthiness—Some of the nation’s most prestigious companies have already put their faith in LINK. That’s a testimony to trustworthiness that’s worth its weight in gold.
  • Flexibility—In an industry that’s all about adding flexibility to clients’ operating capabilities, LINK is known for just that.
  • Integrity—Integrity is a key attribute LINK seeks in franchisees. Our experience shows this is what often sets the Link Staffing brand apart.
  • Fair Treatment of Field Staff—At LINK, we’ve learned our field staff is our lifeblood. Treating them fairly is not only the right thing to do; it’s good business.
  • Trouble-Free Administration—Clients use Link Staffing to make their lives easier. The last thing they need are administrative hassles. LINK’s cutting edge systems ensure every franchisee’s ability to handle each client’s projects smoothly.

It’s what’s behind the name that counts.

A brand is more than a name. It’s the set of positive perceptions behind the name. The reason Link Staffing is a leading staffing franchise brand ultimately comes down to the positive perceptions we’ve engendered over the years through our strong relationships with clients. If you’d like to create new relationships that both benefit from and enhance the LINK brand, click here to find out more.