Selecting a Business Location

As every business owner will tell you, selecting a business location for your Link Staffing franchise will be one of the most important decisions you make. Convenience for you the owner and low cost may seem like important criteria. But if the space isn’t right, leasing the most inexpensive office space in an area close to your home can cripple your growth from the get-go. That’s why LINK helps you select a business location that gives you the greatest opportunity for success.

 Link Staffing Franchise Location Criteria

 LINK helps you choose the best site based on a number of staffing franchise location criteria:

  • Cost. How do the costs of various locations relate to the value of those locations?
  • Employee Accessibility. Can your employees get there easily? Is there convenient parking?
  • Field Staff Accessibility. Is it convenient for your field staff to find and get there easily? Is it accesable by public transportation?
  • Client Accessibility. Is it near—or at least convenient for—potential clients?
  • Client Suitability. Is it a place that sends the right message to your clients?
  • Local competition. How many other similar businesses are in the neighborhood?
  • Size and Layout. Does it meet the operational requirements of your staffing business?
  • Condition and Construction. How much remodeling will be required, and what will it cost?

Analyzing sites based on these staffing franchise location criteria will enable LINK to help you select a business location that matches your needs. We’ll even help you negotiate a lease!

Selecting a Business Location Starts with a Click

Because LINK is vested in the success of your staffing franchise business, we take great care in making sure you have your market’s best location to make it grow. Contact us to learn more!