Franchise Marketing Support

Developing quality franchise marketing campaigns can be inherently difficult and costly. That’s why we’ve built a franchise support team; to help guide you in best marketing practices for each and every franchise. Our marketing professionals work continually to develop new business and cultivate our existing client base through a variety of franchise marketing efforts and they’re always available to help.

How We Help with Franchise Marketing

There are three primary goals of the Link Staffing franchise marketing support team:

  1. Building the Business as a Whole – This includes traditional brand management as well as cultivating new and existing clients. This is the primary goal of our marketing team, to grow the company for the benefit of all!
  2. Helping franchisees with their local marketing efforts –Many franchise owners create their own local marketing efforts. It could be an email template, a flyer design or help with a custom campaign; whatever the need, our experienced franchise marketing support team is here to help.
  3. Recruiting – Since we’re a staffing company, effective recruiting is a crucial component to our success. The marketing team provides valuable assistance for new franchise owners and existing franchisees that need an extra hand developing recruiting materials and finding the best messaging channels. There are many valuable resources offered by our franchise support team that will be of benefit to you in your new successful staffing franchise business.

Our Franchise Marketing Programs

The exact programs and methods for franchise marketing continually evolve over time and with the advent of new technologies. So, you can certainly expect this information to change going forward but it’s good to see what programs we have available right now:

Email marketing
Direct mail marketing
Promotional marketing (voluntary participation)
Marketing video production
Continual SEO updates to our business website -
Graphic design assistance for franchise owners
Recruiting flyer templates
Prospective client email templates
National trade show attendance

Obviously, this isn’t a comprehensive list but it gives you an idea of the type of things we do to help create successful franchise marketing.